Snowy Mountains

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ABOUT THIS REGION The Snowy Mountains, known informally as "The Snowies", are the highest Australian mountain range and contain the Australian mainland's highest mountain, Mount Kosciuszko, which reaches 2,228 m (7,310 ft) AHD. The range contains the five highest peaks on the Australian mainland, all above 2,100 m (6,890 ft). They are located in southern New South Wales and are part of the larger Australian Alps and the Great Dividing Range. Unusually for Australia, the region experiences large natural snowfalls every winter. Snow normally falls the most during June, July and early August. Most of the snow has melted by late spring. It is host to the mountain plum-pine, a low-lying type of conifer suspected of being the world's oldest living organism. It is one of the centres of the Australian ski industry during the winter months, with all four snow resorts in New South Wales being located in the region. The Alpine Way and the Snowy Mountains Highway are the major roads through the Snowy Mountains. The Snowy Mountains have always drawn people strongly. There is a passion for this amazing part of the country, with its distinct seasons of fresh summer air and winter snow across an expansive mountain landscape. A land of spiritual connection for the indigenous culture for tens of thousands of years, the Alps also holds a special place as the once province of European graziers in the mid 19th century. Today it’s a significant tourism destination that attracts huge numbers of visitors each year for recreation and relaxation activities and to explore the rich history and landscape. The region is alive in the summer months with the staging of many major events and festivals or you can even catch a sheep sale or country show. The area is also the perfect base for a natural adventure or to enjoy activities in a spectacular mountain environment. INDUSTRY RESOURCES Regional Tourism Website : Snowy Mountains Regional Tourism Website : Destination NSW Research and Statistics : Destination NSW Corporate Website Local Councils : Local Government Association NSW CREDITS Information Source : Wikipedia Information Source : Destination NSW Image Credit : Father and son skiing together in Perisher : Perisher Regional Map : Copyright 2014 GoPanda Communications GoPanda

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