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ABOUT THIS REGION Gippsland is a large rural region in Victoria, Australia. It begins immediately east of the suburbs of Melbourne and stretches to the New South Wales border, lying between the Great Dividing Range watershed to the north and Bass Strait to the south. The region is best known for its primary production such as mining, power generation and farming as well as its tourist destinations, Phillip Island, Wilsons Promontory, the Gippsland Lakes, Walhalla, the Baw Baw Plateau, and the Strzelecki Ranges. Walhalla attracts large numbers of tourists and is a major focus of the regional tourism industry. Walhalla was founded as a gold-mining community in early 1863 and at its peak home to around 2,500 residents. Today, the town has a population of fewer than 20 permanent residents, though it has a large proportion of houses owned as holiday properties. Wilson's Promontory has been a National Park, to one degree or another, since 1898. Also known locally as "the Prom", it contains the largest coastal wilderness area in Victoria. The only settlement within Wilsons Promontory is Tidal River which lies 30 km south of the park boundary and is the focus for tourism and recreation. Treat your taste buds with Gippsland’s delectable food, the product of lush pastures, rich volcanic soil and clean lakes and oceans. Wind your way past farms, vineyards, cheese factories and outlets selling delicacies on the 40-kilometre Gourmet Deli Trail. Or stick to exploring the region’s many cool-climate wine regions, including Phillip Island, Wilsons Promontory, Lakes Entrance and Ninety Mile Beach. Buy organic fruit and vegetables from the farmers’ markets at Koonwarra, Drouin, Sale, Tyers and Bairnsdale. Pick your own berries from orchards in Warragul or catch your own lunch on a trout farm at Lakes Entrance. INDUSTRY RESOURCES Regional Tourism Website : Visit Prom Country Regional Tourism Website : Walhalla and Mountain Rivers Regional Tourism Website : Visit Victoria Research and Statistics : Destination Gippsland Research and Statistics : Discover East Gippsland Local Council : Baw Baw Shire Council Local Council : East Gippsland Shire Council CREDITS Information Source : Wikipedia Image Credit : Walhalla Goldfields Railway : Tourism Victoria : James Lauritz Regional Map : Copyright 2014 GoPanda Communications GoPanda

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